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Who We Are . . . 

We’re the Babel family. Andy and I [Kandis] have been married for fourteen years. We have four boys. We love hiking, spending time in nature and learning new things together. 

Early in 2023, I noticed a lump and thus began a crazy journey of tests, diagnosis and treatment. 

We started this website to help keep everyone in the loop about how I am doing, to share God stories and to encourage others who may also be travelling this road. 



Follow along as we travel this cancer journey.

In the Green

Appointments and blood work are still part of many if not all months of our reality. For being someone who went to any doctor's office maybe twice a year total to someone who goes nearly every month if not more often, it still feels weird. Anyway, I've already...

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A Touch of Normal

One of the things I get asked a lot is, "Are things back to normal?" The quick most accurate answer is the one no one wants to hear. No, things are not back to normal. But rarely do I feel at liberty to say that there are still things that are hard, still disruptions...

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You know when you were a teenager and every time you turned around your wardrobe didn't fit because you were suddenly three inches taller or twenty pounds heavier or now you had hips? That's what I currently feel like. My body has taken quite the beating over the last...

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