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News & Updates

Curious about what has been happening, what God is showing us and how Kandis is feeling? Then you’re in the right spot.

The posts may come in fits and giggles but we will do our best to keep everyone up to date. 

We also plan to go back and add posts that let us share the stories from the beginning of this journey. 

Thanks for being here. 


Our Blog

 Andy and Kandis will be adding posts separately as well as together to let you peek into our journey. Thank you for joining us as we travel this road. 

In the Green

Appointments and blood work are still part of many if not all months of our reality. For being someone who went to any doctor's office maybe twice a year total to someone who goes nearly every month if not more often, it still feels weird. Anyway, I've already...

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A Touch of Normal

One of the things I get asked a lot is, "Are things back to normal?" The quick most accurate answer is the one no one wants to hear. No, things are not back to normal. But rarely do I feel at liberty to say that there are still things that are hard, still disruptions...

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You know when you were a teenager and every time you turned around your wardrobe didn't fit because you were suddenly three inches taller or twenty pounds heavier or now you had hips? That's what I currently feel like. My body has taken quite the beating over the last...

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Graduation – Another “End”

It's a bit early for graduation season and yet yesterday I graduated. You see, yesterday I went to my six month post-radiation follow-up appointment and after a quick exam and lots of questions. my radiologist decided that she no longer needs to see me for follow ups....

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What a Road Trip

I could have driven to California and part way home. Yes, you read that correctly. The mileage Andy or I drove to and from appointments, scans and treatments in 2023 amounted to more than a road trip to California. Maybe I should back up. About two weeks ago Andy and...

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Hair Troubles

This time last year I was struggling with losing my hair due to chemo treatments. The hair I missed the most was the hair in my nose. It is amazing how much that hair assists you in your day to day life and on top of that losing that hair meant the loose nose hairs...

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Another Set of Follow Ups

I probably should have taken the time to write this last Friday or over the weekend but I didn't. I apologize to those of you who knew that I had two follow up appointments and have been waiting for something of an update from them. We've been living a very full life...

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The More You Know

During this journey we've learned that the doctors really don't tell you a whole lot. They give you the basics and the things they are required to tell you by law but in general you're on your own or you're in the dark. Anyone who knows me knows that I love to learn...

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Walking Back In

It's been a while since my last update. Now that I'm not spending as many days at doctor's offices or in the car running to appointments, I am back to doing all the things and that means less sitting and writing. I still have a lot to say about this journey and things...

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