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Who We Are . . . 

We’re the Babel family. Andy and I [Kandis] have been married for fourteen years. We have four boys. We love hiking, spending time in nature and learning new things together. 

Early in 2023, I noticed a lump and thus began a crazy journey of tests, diagnosis and treatment. 

We started this website to help keep everyone in the loop about how I am doing, to share God stories and to encourage others who may also be travelling this road. 



Follow along as we travel this cancer journey.

Graduation – Another “End”

It's a bit early for graduation season and yet yesterday I graduated. You see, yesterday I went to my six month post-radiation follow-up appointment and after a quick exam and lots of questions. my radiologist decided that she no longer needs to see me for follow ups....

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What a Road Trip

I could have driven to California and part way home. Yes, you read that correctly. The mileage Andy or I drove to and from appointments, scans and treatments in 2023 amounted to more than a road trip to California. Maybe I should back up. About two weeks ago Andy and...

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Hair Troubles

This time last year I was struggling with losing my hair due to chemo treatments. The hair I missed the most was the hair in my nose. It is amazing how much that hair assists you in your day to day life and on top of that losing that hair meant the loose nose hairs...

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