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Appointments and blood work are still part of many if not all months of our reality. For being someone who went to any doctor’s office maybe twice a year total to someone who goes nearly every month if not more often, it still feels weird. Anyway, I’ve already fulfilled my obligatory blood work for June. This set of tests was to recheck some numbers that were not quite what they should have been back in late March.

Though I had the choice to do more advanced testing right away, I had chosen to wait and see. My doctor was well in agreement since my numbers in March were just slightly elevated and he could see the possibility for the high number being related to some other life circumstances.

After getting the blood drawn this test takes forever for results. But results are in and things are back in the green. With that, I get to hold this test off until next spring! It is one that is only checked once a year unless I start experiencing some odd symptoms.

So I’ll wrap up this latest post with a thank you. Thank you to those who are still praying. To those who still check in on us. To those who know that this journey isn’t over but rather is still in its early stages.