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I probably should have taken the time to write this last Friday or over the weekend but I didn’t. I apologize to those of you who knew that I had two follow up appointments and have been waiting for something of an update from them. We’ve been living a very full life – in a good way – and sitting at my laptop long enough to write even this short update was longer than I wanted to sit so I just didn’t until now.

For those of you who didn’t know I had follow up appointments, I saw both the surgeon and my oncologist last week.

The appointment with the surgeon went well. She is quite happy with the way my skin has healed and with my range of motion. She let us know that I will not be having any scans any time soon. While this may bother some people, I don’t really mind. The last thing she told us is that I do not have to see her for an entire year. On our way out, I scheduled my appointment for 2025 – it was strange to say the least to turn the calendar that far already.

Going into my appointment with the oncologist I was a bit anxious. I knew I needed to talk to her about some of the side effects I’m having from the medication and that was not going to be a comfortable conversation as she and I have not seen eye to eye on several things. I don’t always feel she wants to listen to what I’m saying or hear what I’m asking. There was much back and forth as we worked through what is going on. While it was far from a stress free appointment, I can say I left with a plan that both she and I find acceptable to try and in general, she is happy with how I look.

All in all, the doctors are happy with how I am doing and are encouraging me to continue with the course of treatment. Yes, you read that right, the course of treatment. While I am through the chemo, surgery and radiation, there is continued treatment. It could last up to another 10 years. Most people assume that I’m finished with treatment and that everything gets to go back to normal outside of extra follow up appointments but that is not our reality. I’m still in treatment. I’m still healing. This still effects every day.