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In my last post I mentioned that I was hoping to get my port out soon. It has served me well during chemo and for blood work leading up to my surgery but since the VERY beginning of July it hadn’t been used. And while it doesn’t hurt to have in, it is annoying when it gets bumped. You would think this wouldn’t happen too often as it was placed just below my collar bone on my right side but as a mom of four boys it regularly got bumped. I’m convinced that Wyatt is now the perfect height to knock into it when he sits on me, sits beside me or tries to hug me. The port also would get hit if I was trying to play toss with a football or other things like that.

Anyway, I had asked the oncologist about getting it out when I was at my appointment on Monday. She had responded with it could come out whenever and she would have her nurse get it scheduled. I figured that meant a couple weeks wait at least, as there was no reason other than my wanting it done for it to be a rush.

Fast forward to Wednesday when I got a phone call from the scheduling nurse asking if I could be at the hospital Friday morning at 6:30 for my port-a-cath removal! I checked with Andy and we quickly agreed we would make it work. Getting me to the hospital was the easy part. At first we weren’t sure what to do with the boys but after just a few hours we had a solution come together thanks to a great friend who was willing to be at our house before 6am and another great friend who was willing to add homeschooling our four to schooling her own kids for the morning.

When Friday morning rolled around, I was more than ready to have it out. Shortly after our arrival at the hospital, we learned that the same doctor who put my port in was going to take it out. This was a wonderful surprise as he doesn’t often do ports anymore and he put it in because of a weird scheduling thing in the spring. I had great assisting nurses who looked up which meds they used and in what quantities for the insertion and repeated that for the removal since I felt decent after the insertion. I love how they were willing to listen to me about how my body reacts to medicine and make adjustments to my care based on such. The removal went smoothly and I was home before lunch on Friday!

Today I’m a little sore but I am chalking that up to the fact that one I had minor surgery yesterday and two I cleaned the house and cooked dinner yesterday because I felt like I could. Overall though, I feel great!

Thank you for praying alongside us and for celebrating even the little things.