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Tomorrow is the first of my Taxol treatments. It is still chemo. It is just a new chemo drug. The thought of somewhat starting over is overwhelming. I had just gotten to a place of feeling like I kind of knew what to expect during and after each treatment to now reach this new cycle. We are thrilled that the previous cycle is over but that doesn’t diminish the size of the mountain in front of us. This cycle of treatments is every week for twelve weeks or in calendar terms from now through the first week of July, unless something needs shifted because my body needs a break.

Many of you like to know how to specifically be praying and praising with us so here are a few things you can join us with.

Things We’re Praising God for . . .

  • The end of the AC cycle of chemo drugs.
  • Good days.
  • The way His hand is in the details and the big things.
  • Time to spend as a family.
  • People who are willing to help us out by delivering food or play high energy things with the boys.
  • Energy to cook and still enjoy the “normal things” (Pockets of Normal).
  • A couple of nights of good sleep.
  • Good friends who still just want to hang out because we’re friends.
  • A soccer league that is letting me try to coach and knows that Andy may have to take over.

Things We’re Currently Lifting Up . . .

  • The cough is still around and there are nights when it seems worse than ever.
  • Continued tolerance for treatments.
  • Protection of my nerves – this new drug is known to cause neuropathy and I’d like to avoid that.
  • Emotional strength – I’m starting to feel even less normal than usual. I know I’m never normal but this is a whole new level of different.
  • Physical strength – I get tired far quicker than I used to and that is okay but I still want to do some things.
  • The end of the homeschool school year. The end is so close, we just need to finish strong.

Like the last treatments, Andy or I will try to update again tomorrow or Friday and let everyone know how the treatment went. Thanks for being part of our team.