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We’ve had several texts and phone calls checking in to see if the super low dose steroids are working to eliminate the joint pain I experienced after my first Taxol treatment for this second treatment, so I figured it would be best to toss up a quick post to keep everyone up to date.

The short answer is, yes.

The longer answer is yes, mostly. I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to move around with my family and participate in all of our normal weekend activities plus some over the last couple of days. I coached soccer Saturday morning and may have moved more than most of my five-year-old players on the field. I’m not sure what our team is going to do when the weather gets even warmer because on Saturday when it was 70* at game time they told me they were melting. I hung out at the fields for the rest of the day to watch the older boys play. Even after a large number of hours at the fields, I felt well enough to go to ice cream with friends we haven’t seen in years. Had I been in any joint pain, that couldn’t have happened. Sunday morning, I woke up feeling pretty normal. Sleep has been a bit elusive since starting the low dose steroids but that could also be the full moon so I was a little tired this morning but my joints all felt good. In fact, never once this treatment weekend have I felt my movement was hindered or altered by any type of joint pain. It is a huge change from the last Taxol treatment and for that we are praising God! I will admit that I have experienced a shooting pain here or there for the last couple hours, but it is quick and very manageable. We are praying that it continues to stay that way and that the beginning of this week is as good or better than the weekend has been.

Thank you all for your concern and your prayers. It is truly a blessing to have such a group of people to come alongside us.