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Today I had an amazing nurse! When we met, she already knew exactly what happened last time, had a plan for keeping it from happening again based on what she has read and seen, explained everything she wanted to try including why it would make a difference and then she checked in frequently during the entire infusion. In addition to all that, she knew I wasn’t thrilled with being in a room with a hospital bed instead of a chair so as soon as an infusion room with a chair opened up in her section, she moved me to where I would be more comfortable even though it would mean more cleaning work for her.

The treatment itself went well today. Everything went smoothly and my blood counts continue to work their way back up towards normal. The nurse practitioner was very happy with everything she saw with the blood work as well as what I was telling her about my side effects or really my lack there of. She is very supportive of my decision to try to just use Tylenol this weekend if my joints are bother me and also told me what I can do if I change my mind.

Thank you again for praying and for checking in to see how things are going.