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Yesterday’s treatment went well. My nurse followed the same protocol as the nurse the time before, which if nothing else, settled my brain.

I had quite the welcome home yesterday after my treatment! The boys and my parents had decorated outside and inside of our house with signs and balloon creations. Everyone contributed and you could see their personalities shine through.

Unfortunately, the Benadryl – one of my four pre-medications to keep my body from rejecting the chemo drugs – really hit me hard yesterday; so, I was quite foggy and sleepy even after having been home for a while. I tried to walk it off with a wonderfully long walk with Andy while the boys and my parents were eating lunch but no such luck. Thankfully, Mom and Dad were happy to be in charge of the boys longer and I grabbed a nap while Andy worked the rest of the afternoon.

Today I woke up feeling pretty good as I usually do the day after treatment. The steroids that are one of the other of my pre-medications hang in my system making me feel a little super-human for part of the day after treatment. It can be great for getting projects done but I’m pretty sure it drives everyone else nuts. This afternoon I got my final blood count boosting shot, which helped this chapter feel a bit more complete. I’m still holding on to the last page or two of the chapter though as the next couple of days will still be effected by the chemo drugs and their side effects.