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We’ve reached the end of my first cycle of chemo! This cycle is the short one but we’re also told that it is often the harder one.

I started Thursday’s treatment with counts that continue to be lower than the time before but the doctor calls them “perfect” so she obviously isn’t too concerned about the drops we’re seeing. We also spoke with the doctor about my cough again before my treatment. She was able to give me a stronger cough medicine and a rescue inhaler. I haven’t needed the rescue inhaler yet; but, the cough medicine I have used both nights. It has allowed me to actually get some sleep at the beginning of the night, which has been incredible.

The treatment itself went well. We were in and out quite quickly. Once I was home, I spent most of the day resting.

Yesterday was mostly uneventful. I got my injection that helps bring my blood counts back up before lunch and then we mostly just hung out. I did experience more bone pain with this injection but we figure it is likely due to my injection being earlier in the day than it has been and my usually being asleep when the pain has set in more heavily. Thankfully, most of the bone pain has subsided at this point on Saturday.

What’s next? I’ll have next week off just like I have between all my other treatments thus far. This will be my last week off as the second cycle of chemo is 12 straight weeks of treatment. Those treatments will start on April 20th.