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Though my last chemotherapy treatment isn’t even two weeks in my past, my hair has already started to come back. Most people would still be losing their hair but I’m beginning to believe that nothing about this process has been normal for me. My new hair is exceptionally short and fuzzy at the moment. We can’t even tell what color it is yet – it is that short. BUT, we know it is there because we can see and feel it. With this hair growth, my head is super itchy. We’ve been trying to keep my head moisturized with lotions and conditioners; but even with all our efforts, the itching persists though is decreased.

So other than hair growth, what is new?

  • I had a repeat echocardiogram last week. From what we can see in MyChart, the results seem to be good.
  • Surgery has been scheduled for July 6th at 7:30AM.
  • I’ve decided to go to CentriKid camp – church camp – as a chaperone during this break between chemo and surgery.
  • Our family is enjoying this lack of appointments and doing some extra fun things together knowing that after surgery I’ll be limited for a while. For example, I was able to participate in a family bike ride on Saturday! I’m certain I couldn’t have done this even just days before.
  • I have a pre-op appointment with my general practitioner this week.
  • I’ll follow up with my oncologist in two weeks to check my blood counts and other recovery. She’s not concerned about either of these things since my counts were increasing even through my last few treatments but it’s important to be sure they have fully recovered before surgery.

Thank you for continuing to pray for all of us.