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Kandis has had a “tickle” in her throat for several weeks now. It is not that annoying tickle that has you coughing for a minute… for her it might cause constant coughing for hours. By constant I mean, constant. She can’t talk. Sometimes she can’t get a breath. Some doctors are calling it “chemo cough”

It is Satan with a feather. During the day she is mostly ok, afflicted by periodic coughing spells. When the sun starts to set, so starts the constant coughing. The closer the temps dip towards freezing seems to make it worse. The pollen seems to make it worse. The back and forth weather seems to make it worse.

There seems to be no remedy for it. It was suggested chemo dries you out… and it does… and many people struggle to get enough liquid in. That is not her issue. All the suggested cough medicines did little. Humidifier, tea, hot showers, ginger, essential oils, a diffuser… help little to nothing. Honey seems to help some but is not guaranteed.

My prayers have been insufficient. Please pray with me.