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Sometimes you want to be around people and sometimes you do not. And when you don’t, you need your space.

That’s true of me in the best circumstances. Circumstances that are tough at least triple these feelings for me. Add in the need to be separated from people due to low blood counts and therefore a weakened immune system, you need to have a space where you can go that you love. I had no idea that I was going to need such a space but Andy with his amazing foresight knew. And not only did he know, he took action and created a cozy space in our bedroom where I could be alone or I could be with one other person comfortably.

The space we worked together to create, thanks to his vision, is a cute little sitting area in our room. Our room is large enough to add a chair and a half – small loveseat – a coffee table, a fun area rug, a lamp and some decorative pillows to our regular bedroom furniture and Andy’s old man sleeping chair. What resulted is a space that I can curl up in either by myself or with a person or two if I’m up for it.

After the first couple of chemo treatments, I didn’t really use this beautiful space for anything more than my personal Bible reading time because I either wasn’t feeling up to being out of bed – treatment days – or I just didn’t see the need for it. But in the last two weeks this space has become my refuge. It has been a space of many tears, long conversations, being held as I’ve processed, solitude and rest. I couldn’t be more grateful for Andy’s foresight to creating a space that I can escape to either alone or with Andy or with a friend.

When you’re up against hard things sometimes you need a space where it is okay to melt or be alone or rest. What is even better than having that refuge is having the same space be able to accommodate someone else who can be there with you when you want to not be alone.