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Yesterday’s bloodwork was not as stellar as the bloodwork from my previous treatments but it wasn’t in a place that made the doctor’s uncomfortable so we went ahead with the treatment as scheduled. Sitting for treatment three was a bit more emotional and I didn’t really feel like doing much beyond sitting and having intermittent conversations with Andy. Even though I felt pretty with it until the last 10 minutes or so, I couldn’t find the motivation to read or do Bible study or even color for that matter. I think my brain was telling me to just rest and be for a while so I did.

Once we got home, I was ready to walk around a bit. Sitting in the chair for my treatment always makes me a bit antsy as it is a long time to sit but this is the first time I really felt like I could move when I got home. Andy was able to hang out and walk with me for a bit which was wonderful. When he went in the house to work, I remained outside for another good while talking with neighbors and watching all the neighborhood kids play basketball, bubbles, and chalk. It was nice to be outside and with other people and I was thrilled to be able to hold a conversation as usually by the time we get home I can’t do that all so well. After a bit, I did need to go in and take a nap. For the first time I woke up from my after treatment nap without the brain fog. I continued to hang out in our room until dinner but people came in and out to hang out with me until dinner at which point, I felt well enough to come down and eat with everyone. Then we all hung out watching basketball. For a treatment day it was sure a win. I still went to bed really early but we’ll take every minute together we can get.

This morning I woke up feeling well enough to make eggs for the boys to eat with the cinnamon rolls that a gracious friend had brought yesterday before helping them get their school day started. Andy was in charge of Wyatt’s Mini School Easter party today – by choice – and he had a puppet show with Mr. Monkey planned. For the last two weeks, I have been saying that I was going to go and be the second person for the puppet show because I wanted to be. And today, I did just that. I think I surprised everyone including myself that I was actually able to it.

Overall, this treatment cycle has gone well and we are praising God for all of it as it is it is only through His gifts to us that this has gone so well. We do have some prayer requests we’d love for you to lift with us for the next couple days

  • No bone pain. The injection I get on Fridays to help my blood counts come back up can cause bone pain. I usually don’t have terrible pain but it is enough to be a bit annoying.
  • Continued clarity of mind. My one pill that I take on chemo night and three nights after can cause some fogginess that I don’t care for. The fogginess on the lower dosage is much better but it still exists. This time I have been clearer than any other treatment and we’re loving the time we are getting together since I don’t feel like I’m in a total fog.
  • My cough to clear. I’ve been having some coughing fits that could well be chemo cough or could be little hairs getting into my throat and wind pipe (Curious about where they are likely from? Read Splitting Hairs to learn about what needs more appreciation as we think they are the culprit) or could be a cold that is hitting harder since my counts are low.

Thank you for continuing down this journey with us and being our support system.