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Tomorrow is the second of my AC cycle chemo treatments. After I’m finished with tomorrow’s dose, I’m half way through my AC cycle! I’m still far from half way through my chemo as treatments will run into the beginning of July, but I’ll take the big percentage where I can find it.

I thought mentally preparing for this treatment would be easier than preparing for the first one but today’s been a bit tough. The last couple of days I have felt like myself again so knowing that tomorrow could easily send me back to exhaustion and brain fog is unpleasant but I’ll walk forward none the less.

Things We’re Praising God For . . .

Prayers We’re Currently Lifting . . .

  • More Energy!
  • No more sunburnt feeling on my head.
  • Parents who will stay with us to help school and watch the boys.
  • Church family and friends who are feeding us on days following my treatments.
  • Little reminders of God’s faithfulness and kindness.
  • Few side effects.
  • The flexibility Andy’s job has provided while he goes with me to all of my appointments until I’m comfortable and ready to have others join me.
  • My body will tolerate tomorrow’s treatment well.
  • I continue to experience few side effects from the drugs that I need to take.
  • Strength to tell our story.
  • The boys – this is hard for them and they can’t fully express or explain what they are feeling and thinking.

Andy or I will try to update again tomorrow or Friday and let everyone know how the treatment went. Thanks for being part of our team.