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It’s a bit early for graduation season and yet yesterday I graduated.

You see, yesterday I went to my six month post-radiation follow-up appointment and after a quick exam and lots of questions. my radiologist decided that she no longer needs to see me for follow ups. My skin looks great. My range of motion is more than simply acceptable – it is exceptional. My lungs and heart are doing what they should. In her words, “You’ve done incredibly well. I know that treatment was hard, very hard. But you did it and you look great. It’s time for you to graduate from my office. I’m here if you ever have questions but go into your future without me.”

Yesterday, was my final appointment with my radiologist and her team. It was yet another “end” but it is still not THE END. The treatments and fight continue.

Please praise along with us for this closed chapter and pray along with us as I continue this journey.