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Tomorrow is my second to last chemo treatment! We’re already 75% finished with chemo and after tomorrow we will be more than 87% finished. You’d think I’d be a pro at this process by now but each treatment feels like starting over. Every treatment is its own thing. It may be like the last one or it could be completely different. It’s so weird. We know that this treatment and the following days will likely be different than the last one. First, I will be going straight to the infusion center so that they can start my pre-medication before I meet with my doctor. This is due to them not being able to get me an appointment earlier in the day and needing to be finished by a certain time to make sure I can get my blood count increasing meds on Friday. I will still see my doctor before starting the chemo drugs as she will come to the infusion center to see me but we all know that consistency and pattern are what my brain prefers and this is different. Secondly, I have decided not to use the low dose steroids that they prescribed to relieve the joint pain last treatment. While the pain was kept at bay, I also didn’t sleep while on the steroids and when I was finished with my doses, my emotions went haywire something common with coming off steroids. Neither of these side effects are going to work for me. After speaking with the doctor about options, I will simply be using Tylenol to manage any pain that rises in the days following. This drug was supposed to be the easiest one I was getting. Let’s just say that’s not been my experience

Many of you like to know how to specifically be praying and praising with us so here are a few things you can join us with.

Things We’re Praising God for . . .

Things We’re Currently Lifting Up . . .

  • The ability to decide and adjust based on previous treatments and responses.
  • More energy.
  • Long conversations.
  • Church family who cares.
  • Good friends.
  • Phone calls with out of town family.
  • Good shoppers who can find lightweight hats small enough for my head.
  • An improving cough – it’s almost gone.
  • Several nights of decent sleep.
  • Warmer weather.
  • Time outside and no sunburns.
  • Andy’s ability to work from home.
  • Sweet kiddos on my soccer team (Hair or No Hair).
  • The end of the school year and the start of a summer routine.
  • Tolerance for my treatment. We’d like to do the rest of them without a hypersensitivity reaction.
  • Joint pain – for the lack there of and for Tylenol to be enough if it arises.
  • Decisions about surgery and future treatment phases – as chemo wraps up these things grow closer and we’re starting meet with doctors.
  • Protection of my physical nerves – we’re doing cryotherapy to help avoid damage so you can be praying for me to not freeze through treatments as well.
  • Physical strength – I’ve been able to coach soccer and walk multiple miles fairly regularly but I can tell I’m weaker than I was at the start of this.
  • Emotional strength and endurance – this is a long road.

Like the last treatments, Andy or I will try to update again tomorrow or Friday and let everyone know how the treatment went. Thanks for being part of our team.