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I was very discouraged waking up. Maybe distraught.

I didn’t pray for God to send encouragement. As I sat in the nuclear medicine waiting area, a cheerful Christian soul, limping, old and incredibly joyful, was sent by the Lord to talk to me during Kandis procedure.  This man’s procedure followed hers.   He was such a blessing.  As he came in to register, he talked to all the nurses at registration and encouraged them.  Sat down.   

I said, “I appreciate your attitude”

He replied, “what do you mean?”

“No one is here that doesn’t have a serious problem. I appreciate your joyfulness.  It’s refreshing.”

“Well, God gave me today regardless of the circumstances.  It doesn’t change anything to be grumpy about it, so I might as well be joyful and enjoy what I can and help how I can”

We talked for an hour.  He was a real encouragement to me.  It turned my day around. He is attending a church over here.  I might go visit him ūüôā

Between procedures Tuesday we had some time. As far as we could find, there is one good wig shop in the city. It is near the hospital.  They are appointment only.  We decided to stop in and see what they have, etc.   It was really hard for Kandis to walk in there.  Really hard both because of the memories and acceptance of her own reality. All their appointments are booked out until she’d be bald. That was additionally hard. It was very emotional.  They were very empathetic and encouraging and explaining the process at the front desk… about 10 minutes into talking at the front desk, they got a cancellation for the time slot right then. “Do you want to do it now?”  We told them we only have 45 minutes before we have to be back at the hospital.  They said, “That’s tight, but I think we can do this. Let’s do this”  They took us immediately.

When they were showing us the different types of wigs, cap construction, etc there was one that they tried on her that everyone said, “That looks like your hair!”  Then they tried other wigs and such so she could see how the different types feel, how they move, what they look like if you are in a windy situation, how they fit, what it’s like to style them… We really liked the one that everyone said looks like her real hair.  When they told us how long it takes to get a wig in once ordered, that was again emotional… By the time the wig would come in, she’d have lost her hair.  

They offered to sell us the one they actually tried on her, and at a greatly reduced price compared to ordering a “new” one. If she had told me she was going to the salon and came home with that wig on, I would have never questioned.  All the wigs come stick straight but they will cut and style it however you like.  As much as it looks like her to start, they think they can make it even better. Give it a body perm since Kandis hair isn’t straight, do some highlights or lowlights since her hair isn’t all one color, and cut it however she wants.  We are going through pics to show them how she wears her hair.  They squeezed her in next Wednesday, the day before chemo starts.  Since she is going to lose her hair and she has a LOT of hair, she wants to donate her hair.  Some of the donation places will only accept hair if it is cut before you start chemo.  She figures she can get a really short cut or maybe just buzz it all off from the get go and gift her hair to someone.   

Between more of the hospital stuff, Kandis fasting for procedures, me fasting for Kandis… we decided to get an afternoon lunch and asked Google what was in the area.¬† The procedure was in Kenwood. Truva Turkish Kitchen showed up in the list highly rated.¬† Never heard of it. Never had Turkish food. It was very high end. Expensive. Incredibly delicious. We had a wonderful unplanned valentine’s day date. We had great conversation. Nothing medical or unfortunately circumstantial.¬† As soon as we opened the door to the restaurant¬†Kandis remarked, “this smells amazing!”¬† Which is rare for her. And she ate decently, which she hasn’t for a month due to stress.¬†

I am having a hard time trusting God to provide mana in the wilderness because I don’t want to be in the wilderness. His record of provision is perfect. 

Today was really really hard, but really really good.¬† It might¬†go down as one of my favorite¬†days because of God’s love for us.¬†