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We’re once again at the day before treatment day. I’m beginning to think that each time we reach this day I am going to feel different. The day before the first treatment brought feelings of anticipation and fear of the unknown. The day before the second treatment brought dread of knowing what was coming ahead. Today there is an overwhelming calm. Am I ready to go from feeling pretty normal to being nauseous and tired again? No, I’m not. Am I okay with the fact I have to do this again? No, I’d rather not be doing this at all, but if this is the road to being well, I’ll walk it. Despite all of this, I am calm and I’m as mentally ready as I can be for tomorrow.

Things We’re Praising God For . . .

Prayers We’re Currently Lifting . . .

  • Few side effects.
  • God’s peace and a calm spirit.
  • Flexibility for Andy to be able to join me again tomorrow.
  • Good days to spend as a family – Good Days are Precious
  • Time to have much needed conversations.
  • Friends and family who continue to pray for us and provide for physical and emotional needs.
  • Continued tolerance of treatments.
  • The ability to continue to decrease some of my nausea medicines.
  • Mental and emotional strength – reality has started to set in and we’re each trying to process what all is happening, what it means for our family and how to cope with the changes.
  • Patience with one another as time wears on.

Like last treatment, Andy or I will try to update again tomorrow or Friday and let everyone know how the treatment went. Thanks for being part of our team.