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Today I had an easy normal doctor’s appointment – you know the kind that every normal human goes to or at least is supposed to go to – in the morning. My in-laws had graciously offered to keep the boys at their house as the appointment was just around the corner and then when I returned they had lunch ready for all of us. After lunch, I still felt great and had a ton of energy. The boys had finished their standardized testing for the year before we left for the appointment. It was also beautiful outside for March so I decided we needed to get outside and have some fun. I text Andy and told him we were going to head to the zoo for a couple of hours.

To my surprise, he told me he thought he could leave the office in an hour and join us – good days are too precious and few each month so we need to spend them together. The boys had a great time walking around the zoo and eating whippy dip ice cream – I bet you can’t guess whose idea that was. And Andy and I thoroughly enjoyed the sunshine and marveling at God’s inventive creation. Amazingly, we spent over three hours walking around, staying until zoo closed. Even then, I still felt great. It is a bit emotionally overwhelming to be able to do normal things after so many days of being exhausted and feeling like you are frozen even when the house or outdoors are a decent temperature. You truly begin to appreciate the smaller things.

I wasn’t counting on staying at the zoo, which under normal circumstances would have made dinner challenging, but I didn’t even have to worry about that part as my in-laws had also packed up dinner for us in a cooler they placed in the back of my van before I left their house. When we arrived home, all I had to do was reheat dinner and we were good to go with a home cooked meal. God has provided in so many ways both big and small through this journey and we are learning to watch even more closely for the ways in which He alone could meet our needs.